Our Commercial N.A.T.E. and EPA certified technicians trained on small to Large HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Systems), Package units, Heat pumps, Gas electric, Data and server rooms, Air Handlers and split systems. 

Heating and cooling an office is a little different than heating and cooling your home. Office buildings contain rooms of all sizes. The difference in space between a floor of cubicles and a corner office is much greater than that of a living room compared to a bedroom. This is why office buildings require special types of HVAC systems.

Commercial HVAC products are specifically designed for the work environments. Whether you have a restaurant, retail store, school, or general office building we have the right HVAC products to maximize your comfort within your building.

Preventative  Maintenance & Service
Our Commercial Planned Service Plan is a comprehensive preventative maintenance program designed to help ensure that your building’s commercial heating and cooling systems run at peak efficiency so you benefit from lower operating costs, experience fewer repairs and the equipment lasts as long as possible
  •   Delivering significant savings on energy costs
  •   Ensuring your equipment operates at optimum efficiency
  •   Enhancing equipment reliability and service life
  •   Helping prevent costly future breakdowns
  •   Improving indoor air quality
  • Priority service status
  • Multi-unit discounts
  • NATE-certified technicians licensed to service all brands
  • One year 100% satisfaction guarantee on service (most companies only guarantee their work for one or two months)

With Our Highly Trained commercial technicians & Fully equipped and stock service vehicles we are Prepared to offer Fast, Reliable and Honest repairs so you can continue to run you business whit peace of mind with our 1 year warranty RKM Heating and air conditioning is above all others as we offer:
  • Reliable diagnostics of your system with a comprehensive full report and pictures of service and repairs and a full 26 point check list.
  • Most repairs same day with our fully stocked service trucks
  • Full 1 year Warranty on services and repairs (competition 90 days)
  • Trained on all makes and models
  • Full equipment information gathered (will know your equipment and be fully prepared before arriving
  • Completely Automated system, our technicians are connected to our fully history and reports so your system is taken care of properly without call backs.
  • Fully Stocked local warehouse to service you in any event

Proper installation and sizing of you heating and air conditioning system is vital to it working correctly for you. Manuel j, s and d calculations done so insure no guess work is done and that your new HVAC system will work as you expected. 
Because every building is unique, every HVAC system installation requires its own unique design considerations to be effective. This is where our creativity, innovation and ingenuity, combined with technical expertise, makes us the best HVAC partner to have on your construction and remodeling project. Great HVAC systems, when expertly installed, can deliver optimal comfort and energy efficiency for decades. RKM offers your business a century's worth of commercial heating and air conditioning experience... and we bring that wealth of knowledge and skill to every job we do, every day.
We Provide solutions to resolve all comfort, energy and reliability in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment to help maximize your dollars and safe down time with out worry. each solution is design for your specific needs in mind.

Done Right, Priced Right 

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Did you Know?
When the coils of an HVAC system are fouled with dirt and grime, they have to work harder, requiring more electricity. That means greater operating costs for your equipment. In fact, the energy consumption of equipment operating with dirty coils can be as high as 37% more than when they are clean; that means if the average utility bills in the building are $5,000 per month, your building could be saving up to $22,200 per year. 
  • Dirty filters have the same effect reducing air flow and causing longer run times
  • Causes strain on system , making units work harder and parts to fail
  • Most repairs can be avoided if got early and prevent additional parts for breaking. 

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial HVAC equipment runs on a continue basis unlike a residential application.Your heating and air conditioning equipment also provides OSA (outside air into your completely sealed office space allowing carbon levels to stay safe for workers but also brings in dirt. the more dirt in a system the less effective it will be in maintaining comfortable and safe conditions for employs and can be a health hazard, system reliability and reduced work flow. Proper cleaning will help reduce air born pathogens increase energy efficiency of you existing system and lower the chance of costly repairs, sick time form employees and a happier work environment.
RKM preforms air duct cleaning per NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning assc.) standards. sing high volume negative air machines, Air compressed Cleaning and Brush cleaning
Diagnosis of existing system with report.