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RKM Heating and Air Conditioning is your best source for Properly installed, maintained and designed HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) company in Riverside CA. with strict installation nd design procedures per manufacture, ACCA (air conditioning contractors of America), Manuel j,s,d calculations, and AHRI you can be assured that is done right the first time.

​Installing and HVAC heating - Furnace and/or air conditioning system must be done right, to big of a system will cost additional money, increased bill and faster break downs from over working. To small and the system will never stop running. Proper air flow to each part of the house is essential or you will not have a comfortable even temp. If not installed correctly the system will work but all the energy savings you have purchased is not being delivered.
HVAC Done Right
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Properly Installed A/C:
  • New High Voltage Safeties
  • New High Voltage Disconnect
  • New High Voltage Whip
  • Refrigerant Locks
  • Vibration Pads
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Corrosion Prevention Pad
  • System Flush or New Refrigerant Lines
  • System Vacuum to remove Moister
  • AHRI Properly Matched System
  • Nitrogen System Cleaning
  • ​UL Listed Metal Tape Sealant
  • UL Listed Mastic Sealant
  • Permits & HERS Testing
Coil Installations​:
  • Flood Safety Pans
  • Flood Safety Switches
  • Plumbing Trap
  • Drain Line Cleaning
  • ​UL Listed Metal Tape Sealant
  • UL Listed Mastic Sealant
Things to Consider:
  • Efficiency 25 seer, 18 , 16, 14
​            (higher the number the less it                    cost to run)
  • 1 Stage or 2 Stage
              (More control and comfort and                   quieter operation)​
  • Variable Speed Motor
             (Extremely Quite, Increased                         savings in air conditioning,                         better air flow)​
  • IAQ
             (Indoor air quality. the higher the               MERV rating the more you and                   your equipment are protected                   from damage)
  • Controls
             (Internet control of system,                          automation, programmable,                      talking, system warnings,                          notification reminders, touch                      screen, hi def resolution.)​
What is the right size air conditioning or furnace for my house? Here is the first clue.... it has almost nothing to due with the Sq Ft. of your Home. Yes it is a factor.
Here is an example, if i was looking at a house built in 1979 and it had single pain windows, r11 wall insulation and 13 attic installation and it was 2000 sq ft. near the beach would need one size system. Compare that to a newer house where its still 2000 sq ft but has triple pian windows and r20 walls and r48 insulation in the attic and is located in Riverside CA.
Same Sq ft but the newer house is in a higher temp climate but keeps the temperature out side, outside and your air inside. Every house is and should be calculated properly so you are not over paying.
Does my ducting need to be replaced?
No matter how good the equipment or install may be, if the system cant deliver there air at the right temp where it is supposed to it will do you know good. If you purchase a bigger system than the ducts can handle it will not be able to suck in the right about of air and there for can not put it out. If the supply vents are to small the system will back up putting strain on the system and delver less air flow overall. 
think of it this way if you had a new heart put in and your artiers were clogged what good would it do.
What SEER rating should i get?
SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) and EER are crucial to energy savings. Any manufacture can say there 13 seer, 14, 16 , 18 and so on are that energy efficient but that is as long as they are properly matched and installed. (it means its capable of getting that seer) If you install a 16 seer condenser with an old coil or furnace you will not get 16 seer from it. Just because you get a brand new system 16 seer 3 ton condenser, 3 ton coil and 3 ton furnace does not mean you will get 16 seer either.
If there is no AHRI Number and certificate you dont know what your are getting.
How do you Properly install a central hvac system?
If not installed properly it might run but will break down a lot faster and cost you more in the long run. Bad air flow, leaky ducts, improper charge, improper wire size, thermostat location, line size, system match up, grade b materials, or no vacuum, improper cleaning of system, or little to no maintenance of the system will cause it to break down and increase bills.
Protect your self use companies that are licensed for the work they do.

C20 HVAC licencesd, NATE Certified, ACCA MemberAHRI Matched systems, EPA certified, Bonded and insured.