Your central Heating and Air Conditioning system is an important part of your home, keeping your family comfortable. If your system is not properly installed and maintained, it could increase your utility bills by as much as 30%. There are ways you can correct this. Call RKM Heating and Air conditioning for a energy savings cost effective air conditioning tune up or furnace tune up  and evaluation of your system.
Just  like a car, your central system requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly.
Your cooling system operates approximately 3,300 hours per year. To put this into perspective, a car driven for the same 3,300 hrs. at 65 miles per hour would have traveled 214,500 miles.  No one would drive their car that long and not do oil changes, lubrication, and routine tune-ups along the way to ensure efficiency, safety, and reliability. Your air conditioning system serves you many more hours that your car does and requires service.

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Why Is Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance Important? 
Regular maintenance will keep your heating and cooling system operating at its peak performance level. Here are some reasons you should schedule a heating & cooling tune-up twice a year:

  • Required by manufacturers to keep your warranty valid
  • Safety for you and your love ones
  • Extended equipment life 
  • Lower operating costs 
  • Fewer breakdowns 
  • Lowers utility costs 
  • Maximum system performance
The RKM Difference
our team understands that you are not an air conditioning technician and that you expect that a tune up is going to make your system work better, lower energy bills, prolong the life of your unit and reduce repairs. With it begin a very high technical appliance we have developed an easy to understand report with picture with ever tune so that you can under stand.

  • 1" Pleated filter included (comfort Club members)
  • Actual cleaning and tuning of system (not just checking)
  • Suggestions on better improving (no pushy sales)
  • Easy to understand reports and pictures
  • Price Per Repair
  • Published Pricing
  • Cost Analysis
  • Discounts on Services & Repairs
Comfort Club Tune Ups
  • All Furnace Safety Check
  • All Air Conditioning Tune UP
  • All Heating Furnace Tune UP
  • Minor adjustments & Tuning
  • ​Diagnosis Problems If Existing
  • 2 Free Visits a Year
  • Free 1" Pleated filters 
  • Free A/C drain line cleaning
  • A/C Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • ​Free Diagnostic Testing
  • ​Priority Service
  • ​Water Heater Maintenance*
  • Discount on Repairs and Services
  • Easy Scheduling - We contact you
  • Additional Systems discounted
  • Monthly payment avaliable

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 Furnace Safety Check
  • Test operating pressures
  • Inspect duct system
  • Inspect flue pipe
  • Inspect heat exchanger for leakage and harmful gases
  • Inspect wiring & coils
  • Inspect and test motors and capacitors
  • Test defrost system
  • Test safeties and controls
  • Inspect burners
Furnace Heating Tune Up
  • Replacement filters are chargeable
  • Inspect Heat exchange for crack, soot, & corrosion
  • Test capacitors 
  • Inspect Blower & Motor, record amp draws
  • Inspect gas lines
  • Inspect Electricity connections
  • Inspect gas valve 
  • Adjust gas pressure
  • Complete testing of sequences
  • Test all electrical safeties and controls
  • Inspect burner assembly
  • Check high limits
  • test and tighten loose parts
  • Inspect carbon monoxide venting
  • Check crank case heaters
  • test and adjust unit for peak performance
  • Check defrost cycle
  • Check refrigerant levels on heat pumps
  • Check emergency heat on heat pumps
  • ​Check air quality
  • Check operation of air scrubber
  • Test and calibrate thermostat
  • Test Temperature rise

 A/C Tune Up
  • Replacement filters are chargeable
  • Inspect Purification system
  • Inspect Filtration system
  • Test capacitors 
  • Inspect Condenser Motor, record amp draws
  • Inspect Condenser for rust & cracks
  • Inspect Electric connections
  • Test Flood safety Switch
  • Inspect Evap Coil
  • Complete testing of sequences
  • Test all electrical safeties and controls
  • Inspect Blower motor and record amp draws
  • Check high & low limits
  • Test and tighten loose parts
  • Check operating temps
  • Check Operating pressures
  • Check Delta t
  • Check Super heat & sub cooling
  • Check crank case heaters
  • Test and adjust unit for peak performance
  • Inspect Duct work 
  • Check refrigerant levels 
  • ​Check air quality
  • Check operation of air scrubber
  • Test and calibrate thermostat
  • Inspect Drain pans