What Does it cost for a new Heater installed?

A New heater installed will provide a safer more energy efficient and comfortable environment. There are many ranges in heaters now. Price ranges from $1400-4500.00 depending on the size, location, materials to install, local code, 2 stage heating, Variable speed, 80%-97% efficiency. RKM heating and air will come out to do a site survey and give you a solid, honest cost for replacement for FREE.

What Does it cost for a new air conditioner installed?

Air conditioners can very widely range since there are so many option to choose from and variables that need to be meet for proper operation. From Copper line size, Communication cable to unit, type of coil, type of refrigerant previously installed, 14-25 SEER (season energy efficiency rating), 2 speed, 1 speed and variable speed. and local code. Prices can vary easily from 1800.00-8500.00 for a new a/c that is installed properly.

What Does a whole new air conditioning system cost?

Just like there furnace and there air conditioner there are many factors the come into play on the cost of a new system. Proper installation. is the system properly matched or not? AHRI number must be provided to know the true energy efficiency of the system you are purchasing. A 16 seer condenser is  CAPABLE of achieving 16 does mean that it is. 14 Seer is the minimum code requirement for California in 2015. A new System can run easily from $3900-20,000.00 depending on your options and extent you want to go on replacement or cut in.

How much to fix my air conditioning or furnace? How much to tell me whats wrong?

What wrong with my furnace or air condtioner unit? With out knowing the issue its impossible to say. What part needs to be replaced, Can we use aftermarket or oem. Is the part no longer available. Hopefully it s only a fuse not a motor or circuit board. There hundreds of parts that make the system work and all very in time and price to replace. RKM Goes to any residential property for free $0, if we have to get tools out and diagnosis and trouble shoot the system a $65 This Way we can give you a professional, exact cost, out the door of the repair. Repairs range from $20-3000.00

How much is zoning?

Zoning is a great tool for controlling comfort and energy savings. Control one room one temp and another room, or level a different one. Only us the air where you want it. Great for multiple levels, east and west side, room by room, living to sleeping areas, and high ceilings. Depending on the parts needed and the extent you want to go prices rang from about $1500-3500.00 

Do I need Air Duct cleaning?

Not every one does. this is case by case basis. Are you highly allergic, has the system had its regular bi annual maintenance and/or regular filter maintenance? The best way to duct clean is to use a Negative air machine with HEPA filtration and turn the entire system into a vacuum. Then each duct is cleaned one by one. until the entire duct system has been cleaned. RKM uses a 2500-5000 cfm 3 stage HEPA filtration negative air machine and when properly done you shouldn't need another cleaning for 5-15 years. Duct cleaning residential can take any where for 3-8 hours depending on the size and how much needs to be done. price on an average runs $20-45 a vent.

What is IAQ?

IAQ (indoor air quality). You would be amazed on how bad you air quality is indoors. Indoor air can be 60 more times polluted than outdoor air. CO, Vocs, NO, radon, mold and more. Humidity, air exchange and products and materials in your home effect this dramatically. Your heating and air conditioning can help clean your air in the entire house and keep it more energy efficient if done right. Ranging from $130-5000.00 on the high side Humidifiers, filtration, air purification and other items will only cost pennies a day to operate and have a massively bigger affect than stand alone plug in types. 

Duct Work cost?

Duct work is the veins for your heating and air conditioning system. If not done right your system can not delver the air to your living spaces, driving your bill up, your comfort level done, system to break faster and air quality to bad levels. Leaky duct work will cause unhealthy, hot and/or cold air, to be sucked into the air stream. Supply ducts will blow out the air you desire in to attics and crawl spaces areas you don't want your comfort level going. If they are to small you system will delver less air causing longer run times and break downs. Cost can vary from $200-500 per run depending on the situation and materials needed to preform the job correctly.

Do I need a Preventative maintenance program?

Keyword Preventative. This well help from the system breaking down when you need it most. Lets face it you turn it on when you need it most. RKM Comfort club keeps your system running at peak performance and uncovers little problems before the become big problems. a $20.00 repair may save you from a $400.00 repair. The program offers, Priority service, discount on repairs and services, free tune ups, no diagnostic charges, free 1" pleated filters, and specials only available VIPs. You dont take your car on along road trip with out having the maintenance done.
Air Conditioning and Heating Rebates and Discounts

A/c Rebates for energy star rated air conditioners and furnaces for home comfort systems will help improve your home comfort reduce your cost on purchasing a reliable system and reduce your energy bills all at one time. With RKM Heating and air conditioning rewarded the prestigious award from one of the largest suppliers/manufactures in southern California earning the Ac Pro Presidents Circle Award, and award that is handed out to a hand picked selected 12 HVAC companies in California and Nevada, You can rest ensure that you will receive the biggest bang for you buck

In Addition to manufacture, Energy and RKMs committed DONE Right, Priced Right policy, RKM Heating and Air conditioning team Has partnered with Energy Upgrade California, Riverside Utilities and Southern California Gas Company for additional rebates. Which can increase your already Amazing savings.

As a up front honest company RKM will provide you with all rebates applicable with a FREE full on site analysis of your home to determine the your total rebate approval amount your specific comfort heating and air system.
Maytag Rebates
  • $1600 Manufacture Rebates**
Rheem Rebates
  • ​$750 Manufacture Rebates**
Lennox rebates
  • ​$1700 Manufacture Rebates**

*Free Product offers may expire or change at anytime without notice and subject to proper system match up with selected qualifying systems.
**See manufacture and or utility rebates website for more details. All rebates subject to end per agency when funding is exhausted and per there individual terms and conditions
Air Conditioning and Heating Rebates and Discounts
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​HVAC Tax Incentive 2016
  • ​$300 for 16 SEER  / 13 EER
  • $300 For 14 SEER / 12 EER Package Unit
  • $50 for Variable Speed Fan
  • ​$150 for 95%+ furnaces
  • $300 Heat pump HSPF 8.5 / 15 SEER / 12.5 EER
  • 10% up to $500 on Insulation
Package Savings
  • Up to $1000 off System packages with Healthy Indoor Air Quality Products