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Quiet Cool is the revolutionary whole house fan and ventilation product that has taken America by storm. QuietCool users across America experience significant savings when they turn their air conditioners OFF and turn their QuietCool systems ON. *

Whole house fans are not new! They have been around since the 1950’s, and they do exactly what they claim to do; move a lot of air! Whole house fans were first used as an inexpensive way to ventilate a home, cool it down, and save money; instead of turning on the air conditioning unit — which uses a lot of electricity, which costs a lot of money — whole house fans were designed as an alternative to A/C.

The problem was that the traditional, old fashioned whole house fan sounded like a helicopter in the attic and, as a result, people would turn it on for just a few minutes at a time. And whole house fans need to run for long periods of time in order to do their job properly. We’ll talk more about that in a moment, but understand this; no matter how well old fashioned whole house fans worked, nobody liked them because they were so loud!

Then, along came QuietCool! We simply re-invented the mousetrap… made it better, quieter, and more energy efficient!

QuietCool is the patented whole house fan and ventilation system that is whisper-quiet compared to the traditional, old fashioned system. And because it’s quiet, people will let it run for hours and hours at a time, allowing the system to do its work!

*The amount of money a homeowner will save depends on climate, location, type of system, and other factors. In most locations, savings range from 50-90% but can vary. For more information on savings, please contact RKM heating and air conditioning at 
1-888-756-4255 or 951-943-4714.
Whole House Fans
"They included every thing in there installation no hidden charges and looks like they where never hear. The fan is so quite and i only use my air conditioning on days that reach 95+ degrees!"

- J kemper, Riverside CA

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Attic Fans

"After doing some research on whole house fans, I decided that I wanted to have a QuietCool fan installed in our home in Riverside. I called direct to QC Manufacturing, but they do not sell the fans to consumers, they sell to dealers like HVAC companies and contractors. I found a local dealer in my area on the QC Manufacturing website and they took great care of me. Today, my house stays cool at a minimal cost compared to using the A/C and it's all because of the QuietCool whole house fan ventilation system!

-Cynnamon Simonson

Attic fans can help you slash your A/C related electricity costs by up to 10% and pays for itself faster than any other attic ventilator on the market today.

New in 2011, the energy saving attic gable fan was our prototype AC/DC brushless motor that we test-marketed against all odds. Would the market accept a more expensive attic fan that uses about 1/15 the energy (and therefore energy cost) of the traditional attic fan you could buy at big box home improvement stores?

The answer was a resounding “yes” and all throughout 2011, QuietCool dealers reported customers calling them up and saying, “take out that high cost attic fan I got from H*M* D*P*T and replace it with a QuietCool attic fan.”

Attic fans have an astounding 52 CFM/watt rating and sits alone atop the California Energy Commission charts for appliance energy efficiency. And while the rest of the industry scrambles to respond, we’ve adapted the prototype ES motor to our entire line to bring maximum energy savings to you. And to think it started with a humble attic fan!

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No more cost. Free savings year after Year.
On Equipment Replacement Solutions!!   

  • 15 Year Part Warranty
  • ​Low sound Only 42db
  • ​Sound Damping Ducting
  • Wall Switch
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Grill
  • Timer
  • Damper Box
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